• ​​A group where families of children with autism, PDD-NOS, and SPD can gather to connect and discuss the joys and challenges of being a family with exceptional needs
  • Parent-only meetings held seasonally
  • Instant family connections via social media

This group was started in October of 2012.  Following our elder daughter (then 3 year-old) receiving her Autism diagnosis we felt we needed to have immediate communication with parents who understood what we were going through.  We searched our backyard for parents that we could connect with, but when our search came up empty we decided to start this group.  With Facebook as the first way of connecting with their family and friends the group slowly started to build.  

As working parents of a fifth grader and a second grader, we strive to create a connection group so that parents and resources can learn, connect, and support one another as they experience the challenges and joys of raising an exceptional child.

In April 2014-September 2016, we were appointed to the board of ASCEND Group and enjoyed continuing to impact the community.  

Adam and Amanda Klein

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