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Exceptional Families of Exceptional Children "DOES NOT" carry a 501c3 Non-Profit legal status as of yet in the state of Pennsylvania.  We currently lack the funds to do so at this time.  E.F.E.C. is striving every day to raise those funds to become a legally acting non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  E.F.E.C. is a legal organization setup in the state of PA and we follow all organizational rules and regulations as delegated by the state of Pennsylvania.  
Creating a place where parents whose child has an autism spectrum disorder and/or Sensory Processing Disorder can connect, learn, and support one another. 

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Autism Awareness Event: 2nd Annual

Saturday, Nov. 8th from 12pm - 4pm @ the Elmwood Park Zoo, Exceptional Families of Exceptional Children Presented Autism Awareness in Autumn.  Last year we had over 30 PLUS RESOURCE ORGANIZATIONS participate in this great event!  We are looking to have another resource fair as well as make this the biggest, wildest, and more educational event Elmwood has ever seen.  If you are interested in being a resource for the event please contact us as or complete the form and email them to us.  EFEC- Elmwood Nov 2014 EFEC resource letter with header.pdf
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EFEC- Resource Request with donation info 2014 zoo.pdf
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2013 Resource Organizations:

1) Exceptional Families of Exceptional Children
2) MetLife Center for Special Needs Planning
3) 1 Call Bath Solutions
4) TheraPlay, Inc.
5) Circle Speech Services, LLC

6) Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
7) Theatre Horizon
8) Ambler Music Academy
9) William Jeanes Memorial Library
10) The Pathway School
11) NHS Warrington School
12) Erik Young Counseling, LLC
13) Adam Berman, Clinical Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist
14) Merrill Lynch, The Schell Group for Special Needs Planning
15) The Law Office of Randy Hope Steen
16) Devereux PA Community Services
17) Dawn Finley & Associates – Tax Specialists
18) ASCEND Group
19) Autism Society Greater Philadelphia
20) Variety Club Camp
21) The Arc Alliance
22) Spectra Support Services, LLC
23) McAndrews Law Office, P.C.
24) EASI Foundation: Ending Aggression and Self-Injury in the Developmentally Disabled
25) Child Guidance Resource Center
26) The Social Enrichment Center
27) Access Services
28) The Pennsylvania Training Partnership for People with Disabilities and Families (Vision for Equality)
29) EBS Children’s Institute
30) Kaleidoscope Family Services
31) The Center on Central
32) DragonFly Forest (Camp)
33) KenCrest

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